DC insulation and dry contact monitorying system
DC insulation and dry contact monitorying system
monitoring the DC bus and DC feeder insulation status. monitoring the dry contact input and output.

it Can measure 1024 DC feeders insulation and 1024 dry contact:
1. Can monitor 16 sets of Insulation Controller JYJC-32/64, and 16 sets of Dry Contact Controller KGL-64.
2. With storage message of 50 000 history faults and 50 000 working records. These information will not get lost after power off.
3. Communication protocal CDT/Modbus/TCP IP.
4. USB1/USB2 interface, RS485/RS232 interface, RJ45 interface with Ethernet.
5. With 800*480 LCD colored display, 7 inch size,?touch screen
6. Menu display, touch screen operating, parameter setting and information display.
7. Automatic fault display, with LCD shining and buzzer sounding.
8. Clock display, and the clock will display correctly after power off.
9. Size: 226*163*36mm

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